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Matt's Journal
8 most recent entries

Date:2005-09-27 14:00

Holy shit. I forgot about this.

Wow, some of these stories bring back some memories. haha..

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Date:2002-11-04 00:17

what a fuckin weekend.

ill explain in detail later.

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Date:2002-10-29 11:40

Ok the weekend of pain and horror are now over. And by that i mean Sunday. Friday and Saturday where awesome. But Sunday wasa true bummer. We will miss you Geoffery, we love you.

I really did have fun though on Friday night (well morning) and Saturday day. It was quite fun.

I didnt go to classes on Monday, or today. Today doesnt matter though, I'll pick someone's notes up. I have a shit load of work to do today. That sucks. And my plastaion doesnt work, NOW IM PISSED.

Its raining. Hard. Geoffery is still with us. It hasnt stopped raining since Sunday basically. God he was so wonderful. I love you Geoffery.

I cant wait till this weekend. I so wanna dress up and go out. Elizabeth and I want to be Vampires this weekend.. well thursday. ROCK ON. I haven't dressed up like one for so long. This should be fun.

Well Im off to lunch.

I need a cig.

Love you all

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Date:2002-10-27 14:41

Its Sunday morning. The world is a sad place. My friend Geoffery was hit by a car on Friday night. He was in the ICU for the entire weekend.

He died this morning.

He was a wonderful person who deserved life and it was taken from him. He is no longer with us, but instead in a better place now. Everyone who knew him will morn. We all love you Geoffery. And always will.

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Date:2002-10-22 21:45

Well today was fun. Class was easy, and I had enough to eat for all THREE yes THREE meals. Thats a first. Although I was supposed to wake up at 830, for my 930. didnt happen, but i still got b-fast on the was to class. i tried this exfoliating face scrub, damn its sweet shit, i love it. Dinner was fun with elizabeth. first we went apartment hunting, then walked down magazine, and found a sweet little italian place. yum.

but when i got back to the dorm i started talking to people, and im realizing i like you (you know who you are) more then i really thought. I do like him, and i wisht that there was some way to overcome this location barrior. the distance sucks, and i dont go there EVER. the things that are in common though, like good kissing, and drinking, and just plan old having fun are what i love. and he's got it. plus the HOT looks.

My relationship life has BLOWN down here. i need a bf, and cant find one. it looks like theres potential, which im so for making kenetic, but im not sure it would happen. i think i should just keep talking to him. see whats going on inside his noggin too. i ahve found people, and they just keep turning me, or they turn, away. i need to settle down, and really find someone. im so willing.

i need a cigarette.

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Date:2002-10-21 19:05

Ok these past entries that are from here BACK in the past, they are old, and I'm not sure how much i want you all to read them. If you feel so compelled to read them, dont judge me by them. Ive learned a lot since then, and I have a different view on life eniterly. So, if you do read them though, and you have quesitons, be prepared for a VERY long conversation.

Ok enough about that. I started my entries again, just because. I dont need a reason! so there. not really, I wanted somewhere to write, and vent. plus i like reading other peoples entries too .... so whatever. I hope you all enjoy probing and microscoping my life from here on in. Enjoy the hellish joyfilled ride.

love you all
Matt... aka Jonny Quest, here on LJ

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Date:2001-01-02 11:40

well right now im waiting
waiting for one of my friends to stop bitching, and the other to call his mom to see if she is coming home or not, to see if we can go smoke the dope...
well thats the whole deal about the one frined, she wont shut up, i wish she would, i just want to do what i want to do, and if she complais about me smokin dope, then , well nothing gonna hapen anyway. i really am not sure, if shes talking about me and dope, or her views of dope, wahtever, i dont care, ill i want to know is, WHEN THE HELL I WILL GET GOIN.
there are a lot of things on my mind right now, sonia, beck, tuck, token, carebear.
i feel strange, i shouldnt like him, why do i like him, chris, wow, it statred laast year
when i would give him rides to school... but i cant do anytihng about it, hes not gay, or bi, oh well... live long in dreams right?? haha
i hope ryane gets back to me, i tried to send him a response, well, we'll see later..
for now, cya alls later

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Date:2001-01-02 00:23
Mood: anxious

thank you to care, and to ryane... you make it different... yull understand, thanks

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